Exposed:How Kasekende’s Blue Eyed Boy Anti-Ego Is The Defacto BoU Governor

Former Bank of Uganda deputy governor Dr . Louis Kasekende, whose tenure was mired with gross abuse of office and allegations of corruption, might have been kicked out of the Central Bank but credible sources within reveal that he still has there Moles.

One of Kasekende’s top Moles at BoU, according to our sources in Michael Atingi-Ego who is currently serving as the deputy Govenor. He is so loyal to Kasekende because the latter reportedly saved him when he was sent to Luzira prison some years back .

Atingi-Ego, the insiders reveal, is at the helm of pulling strings at the Bank for his predecessor and that Kasekende has huge influence on him, although he (Kasekende) is running the show behind the curtains.

However, reliable sources reveal that Atingi-Ego has since come under the spotlight over allegations that he spread a COVID-19 scare at the Central Bank which later turned out to be false.

He allegedly passed on information to Mutebile that some staff had covid-19, yet the reported cases never existed and was a creation of some individuals together with Atingi-Ego, who informed the governor that the Central Bank had been hit by COVID-19 and that there was need for most of the nonessential workers to work from home.

However, the same information was a few days later disproved by health officials although the scare had already had impact on the Governor Mutebile, who was  already sick, hence had to be kept at home as Atingi-Ego remained at the bank running the show.

Sources further revealed that it was during that very time of the COVID-19 scare that matters of Crane Bank resurrected and so was the issue of its liquidation.

Following the COVID-19 scare, some heads and deputy heads of departments were required into office to perform some duties of among others signing documents and later leave.

But it was later revealed that some individuals were colluding to take over Crane bank which was put under receivership, by using the purported COVID-19 scare.

Sources within the Central bank say there is no central cohesion anymore in the bank due to the absence of the Governor most of the time, because he works from home due to the Coronavirus issue, a situation that gives Anti-ego an opportunity to run the show with his mentor Kasekende in the background.

“Thieves are utilizing the absence of the governor to execute selfish motives at the BoU. As you are aware, the governor is frail and spends most of the time at home. He only comes in when there are urgent issues so they are taking that chance,” the source said.

However, the impasse comes in the wake of property mogul Sudhir Ruparelia’s motives to repossess his former Crane Bank, which was illegally wound up and put under receivership by BoU by Kasekende and group. Sudhir claims that the receivership ended in January 2018 noting that the board is ready to run the bank as their investment.

Atingi-Ego is a Ugandan economist, who was appointed Deputy Governor of the Bank of Uganda, on 29 March 2020, by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

At the time of his appointment, he served as the Executive Director of the Macroeconomics and Financial Management, Institute of Eastern and Southern Africa (MEFMI), based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

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