Nu Look Pressure Cleaners Unveil Great Services To Make Your Home & Business Marvellous

Nu Look Pressure Cleaners is a leading provider of specialist contract cleaning services for interior and exterior for homes, major retail, industrial business centres across Uganda.

The company’s staff are trained to perform their duties with the utmost attention to detail even when working in high-traffic areas.

If your roof is looking a little weathered, Nu-Look residential roof cleaning service may be just what it needs.

Their friendly technicians are trained to clean all types of roofs, safely and effectively.

They have the tools to clean all types of roofs, gutters and windows and also safely clean your solar panels to ensure you are getting the most energy out of them.

Most people only think that the ugly appearance of mold, algae, and moss as the only problem, but the truth is that these little plants can damage your roof completely.

They can eat away the base of the tiles making them loose. They will also leave the roof tile prone to water damage

NU-Look Pressure Cleaning is dedicated to providing cleaning solutions that care.

They care for their clients and their property, they care for the planet by using environmentally-friendly detergents, and take care while performing their cleaning service duties ensuring that they deliver the best result for their clients.

They do; Roof Cleaning, Window Cleaning,
Paver/Concrete Cleaning, Water Tank Cleaning,
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Why Choose Nu Look Pressure Cleaners

Through their extensive experience and leading-edge technology, they are able to tailor solution for their clients’ specific needs, offering competitive pricing while maintaining the highest quality standards.

They also have specialists that are also available to work on-site.


They use all GREEN, environmentally friendly products specifically formulated to offer the highest level of cleaning, with the lowest level of harm to the surrounding fauna and flora.


They are un-affected by load shedding or water restrictions. They bring all their own equipment, generators, crew and use only recycled water for all cleaning operations.


They are qualified in Rope Access and are fully insured and mobile, and have the ability to get the hardest to reach places. Their qualified and well skilled crew know the drill.


They offer a FREE site visit and quoting service to ensure price accuracy and list all details to inform the customer, avoiding any nasty surprises. or visit their website or call +256 759 733 967 or +256 777 748 424 or visit their offices on plot 22/24 Semawata Road Ntinda.

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