Capital FM’s Daniel Irish Kanyerezi Throws In Towel After 7yrs

The latest from Capital FM is that its evening late date show host dubbed program controller Daniel Irish Kanyerezi is set to leave the station at the end of this month after seven years of mercilessly banging the station’s airwaves.

Using his socials, Kanyerezi without revealing the reason for quitting announced that 31, October will be his last day on Capital FM.

He tweet, ”Hello, 31st Oct 2021 will be my last day at Capital FM Uganda. It has been a great 7years! The Opportunity of Hosting the Premium Night show on Radio, #TheLatedate, one I idolized from my heydays….has been an Honor and delight. Thanks for making me part of your Evenings and Listening Experience.”

In his tweet, Daniel didn’t reveal to his fans his next stage but rather thanked them for their support and promised that he will let them know his next moves after quitting.

He adds, ”Being part of the Management team was nothing but Growth.I thank God for the giver of talents, the Management Team, My Friends and Fans! What’s a star when the most important Fan is Missing? I will count on your Support in my Endeavors Moves as I will Communicate. Lots of Love!”



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