Exposed: NUP’s Leadership& Activists Secret Plot To Frustrate Current Bail Amendment Proposal By Government Leaks

A secret plot by the National Unity Platform leadership ‘NUP’ and activists to frustrate the current bail amendment proposal by government has leaked.

A security source has revealed how NUP is now clandestinely planning to harass and attack Members of Parliament in a bid to threaten not to back the proposal.
“We have established how this group is secretly mobilising their radical members to stalk our legislators by making multiple phone calls not to support this proposed bill. Each member has been assigned the task to make a minimum of 100 phone calls to an MP within this week,” said the security source who preferred anonymity.

NUP and its hired activists have for weeks been conducting several meetings laying strategies on how to either demobilise, frustrate or foil with intend to make the proposal hated by Ugandans
According to the source, the Plan to intimidate and threaten Mps is being coordinated by a group of NUP supporters led by a one Aiden Kaliisa where they intend to mount fears into the legislators and directly cause deliberate jeopardy on their personal life.

The source further revealed that NUP has been holding various clandestine engagements via social media forums including Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook among others to boost their ill-fated mobilisation.

Explaining the means to be used, the source revealed that NUP throughout last week had been mobilising telephone contacts of over 497 MPs belonging to other political affiliations including NRM,DP,UPC and independent among others so as to harass and threaten them against supporting the proposal.

The intended amendment stemmed from the proposal by President Yoweri Museveni where he suggests abolition of bail for capital offenders and suspects indicted over embezzlement of public funds.

The proposal wishes for capital offenders including murder suspects denied bail, saying it is a provocation to the victims and other families.
It was recently endorsed by the Cabinet that prominently singled out suspects on murder, rape, robbery and treason charges among others as the main target for the amendment.

Cabinet’s decision was however guided by the Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka who presented a brief on the proposed amendment to article 23(6) (b) of the Constitution to provide that any person accused of committing an offence triable by both the High Court and subordinate courts, shall not be granted bail until after 180 days or trial commencement, or when the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) discontinues proceedings, whichever is earlier.

The Attorney General also proposed that Article 2 (4) (b) and Section 25 of the Police Act be amended by Parliament ,both of which require a suspect to be released on police bond if not charged in court within 48 hours to qualify for the period as “forty-eight business hours”.
But to NUP and its radicals have since embarked on a spirited campaign to frustrate this proposal.


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