City Businessman Hamis Kiggundu Launches Hamz Campus

Businessman Hamis Kiggundu has set his hands in a plethora of ventures, and the latest on the catalog is an online learning platform named, Hamz Campus.

The Capital Times has learnt that the new learning platform running on the website,, comes to address challenges in the education sector that were occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the emergency of the deadly coronavirus, physical learning has stalled. It is against that background that Hamis Kiggundu has decided to establish an online portal to ensure that no time is lost. Rather than sit home, learners can now access over 5,000 practical courses and knowledge through the website.

“My intention is to equip the young people with practical soft skills, setting the pace of learning they deem best for themselves as well as choosing the course they personally want to study,” said Kiggundu.

“Through the platform, individuals can take ownership and responsibility of their education, without any time constraints. The platform seeks to equip young people with practical soft skills, set the pace of learning they deem best for themselves as well as choose the course they personally want to study,” Kiggundu added.

Some of the courses are; marketing and sales, career development courses, administrative skills, human resource courses, personal development courses, to mention but a few.

According to Mr Hamis, the teaching model will be based on real everyday affairs. “Education based on reason and reality is the key to global prosperity.”

Hamis further confirmed to this website that the portal is available to everyone with internet access across the world.

“No need to worry, tutors are handpicked from across the world and will be available 24/7,” said a team behind the development of the platform.

Hamz platform operates a number of subsidiaries through different web and mobile based platforms ranging from; Education, Communication, Online Shopping, Online Payment, Video hosting and Entertainment sectors.

Hamz operated platforms include: Hamz Campus, for online learning, Hamz Wave a short video streaming app with fun and inspirational videos, Hamz Line for social media connection, Hamz Tube for free unlimited video and movie hosting, Hamz Chart a mobile based texting and calling app, Hamz Club, a motivational and personal development platform where you can get one on one with me, Hamz E Mall, for online shopping, Ham Pay for online payments and secure money transfer among others which are primarily accessible for download from his own android app store, Hamz App Store and also on other android and iOS stores.


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