VP Alupo Presides Over Fundraising For Bugema University’s Science Complex

The Vice President of Uganda Maj. Jessica Alupo says the reason why the government supports sciences is because of its desire to support Industrial growth.

Alupo says through scientific research, the country can generate innovations which in turn, support industrial growth.

“Industries provide jobs and thus the tax base of the country is widened hence spurring socioeconomic transformation” she said while representing President Museveni at the fundraising ceremony for Bugema University’s Science Complex.

VP Alupo being welcomed at the University for the function

The Vice President was all smiles with Bugema University and congratulated it for having curved a niche in techno-sciences, saying this resonates very well with the government’s effort in promoting science and technology.

Alupo who is also Katakwi district woman legislator noted that as we continue moving through the fourth industrial revolution, with the developments in the ICT sector, cloud computing technologies, and artificial intelligence, higher education institutions such as Bugema University have key role to play in conducting relevant research and coming up with innovations that support industrial growth. She said this would spur transformation through the creation of more jobs.

“As a country, we have benefited a lot from Universities through, science, innovations and research. I am glad to note that Bugema University is promoting Science and Technology. The Government is committed to promoting science and technology as one major way to enhance development” the 2iC said.

The Science Complex for which the fundraising was done

The ever-on-the-ground Vice President said Uganda is steadily improving its performance in key human development indicators related to education and training. She said this is meant to prepare the workforce for a dynamic labour market that requires an appropriate mix of increasingly sophisticated cognitive and technical skills where the large majority of jobs are outside agriculture and the informal sector.

“Therefore, I congratulate Bugema University for offering quality education to students and thus playing a part in the development of Uganda,” she said.

She commended the sacrifices and efforts of different stakeholders in contributing to the progress and success of Bugema University, saying as per Uganda’s Vision 2040, the education sector operates in an environment that is gearing up to transform the country into a middle-income country.

VP Alupo watering a tree she planted to promote Environment conservation

She pledged the government’s unwavering support to Bugema University and thanked the university leadership for inviting the president for the ceremony.


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