Busted: Intelligence Foils NUP’s Plan To Protest Over Jailed MP Ssegirinya

The security and intelligence agencies say they have landed into a plan by the opposition National Unity Platform members to riot in the city over the detention of legislator Muhammed Ssegirinya.

According to an intelligence source, NUP members are mobilizing people in areas like Nakulabye, Kiyaye zone, Kamwokya and areas of Kawempe to take part in the planned protests.

A source adds that the planners claim that they want MP Ssegirinya to be released for medication.

MP Ssegirinya and Allan Ssewanyana and several other people are accused of masterminding the recent machete attacks in Masaka sub region leaving close to 30 people dead.

On October 25th 2021, the two were denied court bail by the Masaka High court on grounds that letting them out of jail they would jeopardize investigations since they’re currently under trial.

Kawempe North Member of Parliament Muhammad Segirinya who is on remand at Kigo Prison over charges of inciting violence, while appearing before Buganda Road Grade court , Segirinya displayed injuries on his foot which he claimed were as a result of torture during the time of his arrest.

However, Uganda Prisons services spokesperson Frank Baine refuted Ssegirinya’s allegations of torture.

Speaking on NBS’ Morning breeze, Baine denied claims insisting that Hon. Ssegirinya was brought to prison while diabetic and so there has not been any form of torture.

“It has never been in our interest that we torture our family members. Yes, Hon. Ssegirinya Muhammad is suffering from diabetes, and other ailments and we are treating him for as long as he is with us, many times we receive these inmates from court when they are already sick,” he said.

Baine emphasized that as Prisons, they do not torture people.

“In prison we carry our names on our chests. Let anyone who says they have been tortured tell us who tortured them,” he noted.

A cording to a source at Doctors hospital in Sseguku where Ssegirinya had earlier been admitted, he says that the MP was advised not to put on closed shoes for long hours something that he was against, he adds that this condition worsened the wound on his feet, leading to cuts, sores or calluses.

He further added that diabetes and high blood sugar can cause nerve damage called diabetic neuropathy. Neuropathy causes tingling and numbness, wound like damages on the body that affect the body’s ability to heal wounds.

Meanwhile, security says it is following up and will not hesitate to apprehend the planners of the said protest who are planning to disrupt business in Kampala by causing chaos.


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