Hearty Victoria University Extends Over 5290 Record Bursaries to Members of Parliament

Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia’s Victoria University has announced that it extended 10 bursaries to each of the 529 members of the 11th Parliament totalling 5290 bursaries that will be awarded to the financially struggling-best learners from their constituencies.

”Has your MP offered you a bursary? We extended at least ten (10) COVID-19 tuition -relief bursaries to each of the 529 Members of Parliament. Get in touch with your MP today and grab this chance of joining Victoria University,” announced the University on it’s socials.


According to a letter seen addressed to one of the MPs Hon. Theodore Ssekikubo of Lwemiyaga County, the university will waive off the functional fees, paid once every year, ranging from UGX 350,000 to UGX 650,000 depending on whether a student is offering a Master, Bachelor, Diploma or Higher Education Certificate (HEC).

Also, sponsored students will only be expected to pay tuition fees which range from UGX 400,000 to UGX 930,000, depending on any given academic programme of their choice.

”We are privileged to be the only university in the country that has implemented a learning approach where students study while working to gain experience. Cur work-integrated- learning programme is enabling students to complete a program of three years with two to three years’ work experience,” reads the letter addressed to MPs.

”For effective communication with the university, kindly coordinate with the Head of Marketing on 0701702443/07703990 68 or email us at head-marketing@vu.ac.ug We look forward to partnering with you to educate and facilitate the dreams of young,” letter adds

Victoria University, owned by Businessman Sudhir Ruparelia is one of the leading universities in Uganda and stands out as a center for academic excellence. It offers a fresh and intellectually stimulating environment that nurtures critical thinkers.

The University that was opened in August 2013, has the capacity, facilities, and determination to revitalize higher education in Uganda and in the region with a commitment to play a leading role in bringing and developing high-quality education, student-centered learning opportunities based on standards of excellence that are unique, innovative and difficult to match.

It is important to join a university that guarantees uninterrupted learning as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the education sector to help you in the journey of achieving your dream career. And this is why Victoria University remains the only higher institution in Uganda that has continued operations despite the Covid-19 lockdowns that have left the education sector in shambles.

The University has throughout the lockdown period devised several means of ensuring continuity in learning after rolling out the VClass, a state-of-the-art learning management system that caters to students not only in Uganda but across the globe. The VClass adopted by VU includes the following;

1. Online classes
2. Online examinations
3. Online tuition payments

The University is also a cosmopolitan university, accredited by the National Council for Higher Education with a wide range of nationalities.


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