POLICE VIDEO: CCTV Footage Shows How Suicide Bomber Blew Himself Near CPS In Kampala

Police CCTV footage has emerged showing how a suicide blew himself in a bomb blast that hit the city center near the Central Police Station in Kampala and Parliament Avenue on Tuesday morning.

The video which first leaked on social media shows a thin tall man carrying a heavy bag on his back who walked calmly towards the police trucks before detonating the bomb causing large plumes of dark smoke into the sky and fragments shattering glasses of nearby buildings.

The video further shows police personnel running from the CPS Building after the bombing to respond to the scene.

According to preliminary reports, at least 27 people are being treated at Mulago National Referral Hospital for injuries sustained in today’s bomb attacks in Kampala, Uganda’s capital.

The twin explosions according to police happened in a space of six minutes one at 10:03 am at CPS and at 10:08 am at Parliament Avenue near Raja Chambers and Jubilee Insurance Building.

This could be the second suicide bomb attack in Kampala in less than a month after another suicide bomber blew himself on a swift Safari bus in October. Other passengers escaped with minor injuries.


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