Exclusive: Here Are Top Five Reasons To Join Victoria University For Its Early 2022 Intake

Uganda’s leading private education hub, Victoria University has for decades registered tremendous success and seen huge enrolment every academic year and it’s undoubtedly true the institution is transforming the status of higher learning in the country.

As the university opens up for its next intake of admissions (Feb-March Intake), inventions and innovations have been implemented at the facility among which include the online proctored exams – the first of its kind in Uganda, which registered over 98% success rate, laying a benchmark to other institutions to follow suit.

However, the big question is;- What is the secret behind Victoria University’s huge enrollment, which has since seen the institution open up extended classes at Market Plaza to cater for the big numbers?


In a survey and research carried out by this website, we were briefed by some of the students [on condition of anonymity]that they chose to join Victoria University because of five reasons among them including;

  1. Graduation with work experience; The students, explained that VU is the only university in the country that is offering a practical learning experience (not internship) which lured them to join and have the feel of graduating with an already established work experience to fit in the competitive job market.
  2. Seemless learning, Anywhere, Anytime: At Victoria University, the choise is yours; you can choose to study via its modernised Virtual campus (VClass) or better yet attend physical classes which are scheduled to fit in your busy schedule (Morning, Evening and Weekend timings)
  3. Learning with students from over 40 African countries;- Experience the feel of studying in a multicultural and mulit-national environment with students spanning from over 40 countries on the continent, making VU a continental university.
  4. Getting a job placement; Victoria University graduates are assured of job placements (of course basing on your performance). The University is owned by Ruparelia Group, a conglomerate of over 30 companies spanning over the country in different sectors of finance, business, real estate, tourism and hospitality, among others. Therefore, there’s that assurance that graduates can easily be placed for instant work experience and employment at any of the companies.
  5. Getting access to over 8 million free textbooks. Victoria University is blessed to have a huge library of text books both physical and online, a tool that facilitates research and study at the institution. The online library provides a seemless learning experience, anytime, anywhere to enforce a continued learning environment.


Victoria University which is now said to be the leading university in Uganda stands out as a pivot of academic excellence, offering a fresh and intellectually thriving environment that nurtures critical and progressive thinkers and pushes pedagogical boundaries. The University is centrally located in the heart of Kampala City and on the main public transportation routes coupled with ample parking space.

The University has the capacity, facilities, and determination to revitalize higher education in Uganda and in the region and is committed to playing a leading role in bringing and developing high-quality education, student-centered learning opportunities based on standards of excellence that are unique, innovative and difficult to match.

The University is also a cosmopolitan university, accredited by the National Council for Higher Education with a wide range of nationalities.

Victoria University is part of the Ruparelia Group of Companies, which has a strong presence in the education sector in Uganda and has under its portfolio, Kampala Parents School and Delhi Public School International.

You can Join Victoria University Today for; a scholarship, a job placement or an experiential learning approach.

Apply via eadmitions.vu.ac.ug Or VUScholarships  https://t.co/MPA15tvLdw


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