NUP Councillor Mubiru Refutes Receiving Money  From NRM To Pay Medical Bills


Ailing Rubaga North Councillor James Mubiru, who subscribes to the National Unity Platform (NUP), has denied allegations that he solicited money from the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party such that he could seek medical attention at Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.

It is alleged that Mubiru wrote a letter dated November 11, 2021 to the Prime Minister Hon. Robinah Nabbanja, seeking financial assistance of shs 25M to cater for his medical bills, after the NUP party leadership reportedly failed to foot his medical bills.

We have since learnt that the NUP leadership is finalising plans to pass tough disciplinary measures against Mubiru for his action, in a bid to deter other party members from doing the same thing, reasoning that it undermines the integrity of the party.

However, talking to this website, Mubiru, who has since been discharged from Aga Khan hospital, refuted the allegations of soliciting money from NRM, arguing that these are falsehoods being orchestrated by his political enemies.

Here below is Mubiru’s confession;

“It is a trying moment for me and still believing God for a miracle. I started the medical checkup with Lubaga hospital where I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis and was recommended for further investigations. I was advised to reach out to Mulago Hospital where I was admitted and the results manifested the same issue and recommended abroad for further treatment.”

He added that; “I went to Aga Khan hospital, Nairobi for further medical checkup and the same diagnosis still exists. Unfortunately, Aga Khan has also discharged me with recommendations for further management from specialized facilities with high specialized medical care most preferably from abroad in countries like USA, UK, India and ‘Germany.”

Mubiru, who is visibly in pain and speaks with difficulty noted that; “But even in the midst of my health dilemma, I must say thank you Ugandans,  my party NUP, my family and  Diaspora community for all the support you have and still render towards my medication. I continue to call upon everyone to keep me in prayers for the Lord to intervene in the big milestone of my travel to USA for further medication. The Lord is my Shepherd.”

Commenting about the allegations that he got money from the NRM party, Mubiru said that;

“As I’m fighting for my life back, some so-called political opportunists led by a one Kawalya from Rubaga North, who are claiming to be in opposition, have decided to sideline with the regime not only to put me down through tormenting me despite my ill health but also blackmail.

They have paid some media channels that include Pearl FM, Nile Post, an online paper and others we are yet to identify to tarnish my name.

Their ambition is to create friction in my party and blackmail by alleging that NUP refused to support me, which is not true.

This is completely wrong because my party has played a tremendous role to see me back on my feet.

It should be noted that even before I went to Kenya, my party paid the bills at Lubaga Hospital and Mulago Hospital where the first tests were done before I got recommendations for further health investigations abroad.

These mafias are so unprofessional in their stage plays due to the mistakes found in their  letter addressed to Nabbanja.

If you critically observe the date on the letter, it  indicates that it was written on November 11th, 2021, yet by then I was upcountry meeting NUP coordinators and was well health-wise.

The second error is that the letter is addressed to ‘Sir’, instead of ‘Madam’, yet they purport that I addressed it to Nabbanja.

It is unfortunate how bad this world is; at a time when I’m fighting for my life, so-called political opposition wolves are busy doing this to me due to their selfish ambitions.

As we continue to fight the dictator, such people continue to exist and are busy building and protecting their empires! Shame!!!!!


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