Property Worth Millions Lost As Fire Sweeps Through 45 Kiosks In Jinja’s Amber Court Market

Several traders within Amber Court Market located in the Southern division of Jinja are counting losses after their kiosks were destroyed by fire on Wednesday.

Reports indicate that 45 kiosks were razed in the early morning fire. Despite efforts to contain its’ spread by both police firefighters and well-wishers, the traders were unable to rescue part of their merchandise, among them fish, vegetables, cereals, fridges, g-nut grinding machines, saloon equipment and clothing.

Pascal Mugoya, a tailor in the area said that he lost two tailoring machines valued at 600,000 Shillings and clothing valued at about 300,000 Shillings.

Resty Nakagolo, a fish dealer said that her business has been the main source of her family’s livelihood and with the current state of the market, she will struggle to raise tuition fees for her three children.

Matilda Atim, another fish dealer said that the fire was characterized by big flames that spread to the loose electric wires and none of them within their department was able to rescue property.

Ayub Kitamirike, the market chairperson said, their market normally guts fire at least three times annually however, police authorities have never produced justifiable reports to explain the abnormally, an issue that has often created suspicion amongst affected traders.

Meanwhile, Kiira region police spokesperson James Mubi says, preliminary reports indicate that the fire was sparked from a charcoal stove that lit loose electric wires. Mubi adds that several food dealers within Jinja city’s markets are found to expose fire to electric wires, which has sparked off three fires in the past two months.


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