Service Commission Boss Interdicted For Recruiting Unqualified Relatives Into Public Positions

The Chief Administrative Officer(CAO) of Bugiri District has Interdicted the District Service Commission Chair following allegations of gross mismanagement of the recruitment process for local government officials.
Emma Isiko, the Principal Personnel Officer/Secretary to the District Service Commission has been sent packing according to a December, 30th letter signed by CAO, Mr. Ezaruku Kazimiro.

Enumerating the reasons for the interdiction, the CAO explained that in a petition by residents, Isiko, and the commission had been accused of among others, recruiting close Relatives of the commission members into positions, even when they don’t qualify, leaving others disadvantaged in the process.

A case in question was Baisa Esther, recruited as a  Parish Chief and Nanyanza Moureen, a wife and biological sister to the Secretary of the Commission respectively.

He is also accused of recruiting applicants that do not possess the minimum qualification like Bogere Muhammed, who was also appointed Parish Chief despite possessing an inapplicable diploma in Education.

The petitioners also pointed out that the commission had arranged interviews for candidates like Namaganda Mariah, and Waiswa Nehemiah for the Assistant Forestry Officer’s position even when they lacked prerequisite qualifications for the job.
“The allegations against you have put the Public service into disrepute as they involve tupitude( corruption, tribalism, and nepotism,” reads the COA’s notice in part.

You are accordingly Interdicted from duty with immediate effect to page way for investigations into the allegations in accordance to the Public Service Act.” Adds the statement.

During the interdiction period, the official will access half his salary and not be able to access office premises without the express authorization from the CAO. He is not also allowed to leave the country for whatsoever reason without official clearance.

He is as well directed to prepare for a handover of office in line with the provisions of the Uganda Public Service standing orders. He has also been ordered to comply with the investigations to aide a speedy conclusion of the matter.


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