New Mobile App ‘Pata’ Aims To Make Parking In Kampala a Breeze For Motorists


A mobile app launched on Sunday can help motorists find empty and cheaper parking spaces in Kampala City in a shorter period of time.

Pata Parking App provides real-time information on the availability of parking spaces, as well as what the parking rates are so drivers can opt for cheaper spaces.

So how does it work?: You can rent out spare spaces to make extra cash – and drivers can use the app to park more easily and more cheaply around Kampala and neighbouring areas.

According to developers, Pata Parking changes the conventional view about where people can park their cars and Boda Bodas.

They added that Pata Parking’s technology unlocks empty spaces across Kampala and surrounding areas helping individuals, businesses and governments save time and money on car parking.

“We’ll find you parking wherever, whenever”. Its mission is to make your parking experience easy & convenient. with the Pata Parking app, parking will be a little less stressful,” the website reads.

“Think about the place you live. Every time you get into your car or onto your motorbike to go to work, you are freeing up a parking space that could potentially be used by someone else. And when you arrive at your destination and start looking for parking, you could just as easily park in a private parking space belonging to an individual, a small business or store, or even a hotel or church,” said the PR manager.

Kiseeka attached to Pata Parking around Kampala says, “with the rising cost of fuel, the last thing you need is losing your vehicle’s spare parts. Choose the safest parking spot in Kampala today with Pata Parking.”

A top human rights lawyer Sserwadda Patrick Gonzaga says “I have found Pata Parking to be an awesome way to make use of my car space when I’m not parking my car there! The app is user-friendly and makes the whole process super-easy. The staff at Pata Parking have great communication, too! I recommend it to all of my people with cars and car spaces around Kampala for a smooth business and time-saving friends!”

Pata Parking also offers a car park management solution for parking operators too. Whether you’ve got a garage to fill or you’re trying to make your city and events more manageable, Pata Parking makes everything easier

“Arcades can also use Pata Parking to monitor visitor parking spaces and manage the allocation of parking spaces in buildings,” Pata Parking Co-founder, Leon Kalema says,.

Pata Parking is one of the tools that can contribute to smart cities in Uganda. If we forget about its main purpose, we can set things in the right direction. smart cities can only happen if people embrace the technology that comes with it, but people play a big contribution if they use this technology. To me, technology should be built to be simple and should be there to simplify our day-to-day lives. The biggest technologies used in Uganda are for communication and connections. But there is much more to life than those two aspects.

Pata Parking is more into mobility and humans. They work towards easing the lives of drivers, decreasing traffic, contributing to less unwanted mobility, saving time which is money and yet support better planning. Our app features are enormous yet they add more value to your daily car experience, hence the reason we say “Park on the Go”.

Pata Parking spaces start as low as UGX 1000 a day, depending on where they are located. Pata is also for renting and leasing spaces for Boda Boda among others.

Pata Parking also operates in Nairobi, Kenya. “The app allows you to list an entire car park up in minutes, and each individual bay can be customized by availability, price, and vehicle type.”

Pata Parking is free to download on Android and according to its founder it will be available on iOS very soon, – just search by ‘ Pata Parking’ in the Google Play. Then you are just a few clicks away from booking convenient and affordable parking – or making cash out of your unused parking space. If you don’t want to install it, Pata Parking is also available on the web ( ).

Pata Parking makes it easier for drivers to find, book, and pay for parking in an easy and seamless way. We exist to make car parking more affordable, more convenient, and more sustainable by connecting drivers with unused driveways, garages, and parking spaces.


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