Kampala Standard Primary School Registers Massive Performance In 2022 PLE Results

On Friday, January 27, 2022, Uganda National Examination’s Board (UNEB) released the 2022 national Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) results, which show that pupils from Kampala Standard Primary and Nursery School Kyanja performed exceptionally well in their pioneer year.

The school registered 17 pupils including 10 males and 7 females.

The top performing pupils from Kampala Standard Primary and Nursery School scored division 1 with an aggregate of 5 points each.

Seven other pupils scored aggregate 6. The rest were between 7 and 9.

All the pupils from the school have achieved marks in the sought-after division 1.

“Being our pioneer year, we strategically planned for this class,” school head teacher, Mr. Simon Muggaju said in an interview.

“We deployed competent staff who managed the pupils and we constantly screened all levels of content delivery from the word go,” he added.

He said the school employed strategic programmes that help them to spot individuals child challenges.

“Also being that our numbers are manageable, as one of the strategic plans by management, there’s intensive close supervision that is attached to learning. It also gives priority to individualistic learning where each child participate as much as possible in the class instructions.”

For candidates, he said the school also has a comprehensive reward system for pupils who were excelling.

The Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) in Uganda is the main government examination that all students sit at the end of primary school level.

The results determine the kind of secondary school a child will be admitted to.


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