Meet Fred Mwebya Alias Ugaman, a Determined Candidate Ready To Oust Controversial Isma Olaxess Out Of Uganda Bloggers Association Presidential Seat

The Uganda Bloggers Association is a community made up of social, economic, political, religious Commentators, content creators, influencers and subjective writers across Various platforms.

The association was created in an effort to clearly define standards for bloggers as well as providing training for success.

The mission of the Association of Bloggers is to bring together bloggers focused on building quality reputable personalities and serve as a community, where those involved in the content creation and media industry can gather and exchange valuable information.

In a one on one interview, we bring to you Fred Mwebya, alias Ugaman, a social media Genius who has has supported many businesses and reputable individuals leverage on the power of social media.

Qn: Who Is Fred Mwebya Or Ugaman in this Digital Business?

I am Mwebya Fred popularly known as Ugaman in the digital Business space in Uganda vying for the position of Uganda Bloggers Association Presidency. I happily speak about my deep Passion in story telling, inspired content creation journey that has seen me touch many brands on digital platforms.

Qn. Tells Us About Your Background Journey & How You Got Here!

I was born on March 28, 1989 in Bukomansimbi District formerly part of Masaka District to the late Ssekiyondo Peregrino and Nassuna Fausta of Kawoko Butenga.

I attended Hill Top Academy Primary School in Sseguku Wakiso District. I then attended Ndejje Senior Secondary School in Luwero District for my Ordinary Level and Namilyango College In Mukono District for Advanced Level.

Thereafter, I joined Makerere University Business School in Kampala where I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Bsc. Finance.

Fred Mwebya’s poster popularly known as Ugaman in the digital market

Qn. Some People Are Proud Of Your Development, But… For The Time You’ve Been In The Limelight, How Have You Supported Those Youth

I am a founder of Tout Media Africa, freelance Digital Media Agency that brings influencers together to support businesses through social media campaigns.

I also founded Ugandans on Twitter Night, a social networking event that brings together more than 500 social media users every week to network and share opportunities.

I and my team are known for our brilliant designing and execution of social media
strategies for various brands in different industries to achieve top Notch business results through maximum leverage on social media platforms.

This pushed me to currently have a following of over 163,000 followers on Twitter and more than 12,000 connections on LinkedIn, 10,000 Facebook connections and 6,100 YouTube Subscribers.

Qn. How Do You Intend To Cooperation With The Gov’t, Fellow Bloggers Who Are Pro- Government and Those Leaning On The Opposition

I know through open servant leadership we will become an effective Channel through which members can reach out to Government on key pressing issues.

We shall achieve this through effective community leadership that connects well
with both local and government leaders without tribe, Political or religious bias.

Ugaman picks and signs on the nomination forms

Our leadership will also keep a Keen
Eye on all open government opportunities that our members can be part of to ensure that no one is left behind.

Qn. How Can This Be Achieved With Different Political Affiliations Within The Blogging Industry?

Our leadership team fully understands that the association has members from all walks of life and with a significant difference in beliefs, perceptions and even content subjects but our major role is to utilize these differences to create unity within menmbers of the association.

This will take a strong dedicated effort that strongly welcomes every member without creating any walls of segregation based on tribe, religion or political affiliations.

In the next episode, we shall bring you what his manifesto looks like and how he intends to change the Blogging Industry in Uganda.


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