Residents Task IGP Ochola To Discipline Tuba OC ASP Mugumya For Supretending Over Demolition Of Women Piggery Project

The angry residents of Tuba zone,Kyanja in Nakawa division have asked the inspector general of police Martin Okoth Ochola to intervene in a matter Where a group of machete holding men led by a one Deus Turinawe ,a chairperson alongside his defence secretary accompanied by other goons destroyed the piggery project and slashed the crops of helpless women in the group on 17th June 2923.According to eyewitness,the operation was done under watch of the area officer in charge ‘OC” one ASP Felix Mugumya.The land conflict stems from two groups are fighting for that; Turinawe Deus and Bulamu Allan.It has been discovered that both individuals have titles. Deus has a special title while Allan has another original title. Instead of referring both parties courts of law, head of security in the area sided with one group with one group to destroy structures of women who had organised some funds to do farming. “Is Govt walking the talk or not ? Before we look at the ownership, Where will these women go? How will they support their families ? Some of these women have physical disabilities,if they stage a demonstration tomorrow after failing to meet their families needs ,will this O.C go and tear gas them”,a concerned citizen asked.He added”Government tells people to form groups and start income generating projects, the same government sends her security officers to connive with the mafias to rob people of their money”Cases of petty crimes are on rise especially in areas of Kulambiro, chances are high that children of these women will join rackets in order survive.Residents also claimed that land encroachers had expired court order which had no clearance from DPC Kiira Division,DISO and DRCC Nakawa.Area residents asked DPC,RPC and IGP to intervene in their land efforts to talk to Mugumya were futile as we could not talk to him by press time.


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