VIDEO: Multibillion Speke Resort Convention Centre Takes Shape

Details on the construction of the Speke Resort convention centre at Munyonyo are today revealed for the first time.

The project is being undertaken by Uganda’s richest man Sudhir Ruparelia while partnering with the government of Uganda.

This magnificent structure will host the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in January 2024.

The Non-Aligned Movement, founded in 1955 during the Asian-Africa meeting in Bandung, Indonesia, and pursued decolonization brings together countries that are not aligned with any of the rival Eastern and Western power blocs.

Sudhir will inject $47 million (Shs 172 billion) to oversee the completion of this one-of-a-kind centre housing 4000 people, with 12 breakout session rooms and fully fledged facilities like dining halls, mini conference rooms where particular Presidents can hold small meetings on the margins of the main event.

Dr Sudhir was selected to take up the venture because of his financial muscle and experience in the leisure industry and vast expertise in construction.

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The government through Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) entered a joint venture with the businessman on a 50/50% shareholding basis.

Each party contributed $10 million as equity. The government lent the consortium $27 million.

Construction of the world-class building already kickstarted at a terrific speed as engineers prioritise the quality of the materials used.

Once it’s completed, the centre will also play a mega role in the promotion of conference tourism.

In part of the beautification of the convention centre, creating a fresh landscape to enable a soothing environment for the delegates, Sudhir relocated his 20-year-old palm trees from the resort to the centre.

Whereas many may raise concerns that the construction is behind time, Sudhir has a track record of hitting deadlines at the same time delivering world-class facilities in the form of Public Private Partnership projects.

This was witnessed in 2007 when Uganda hosted Chogm.

The billionaire delivered world-class facilities at Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo which accommodated high profile dignitaries including the Late Queen of  England.


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