Intrigue: Nandala Declines To Release Funds For Birigwa’s Extraordinary Delegates Conference

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Extraordinary National Delegates Conference convened by party chairman Wasswa Birigwa is destined to flop after Secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi declined Birigwa’s request for delegates conference funds on grounds that he failed to inform the key party leaders.

John Kikonyogo, the party deputy spokesperson, added that Birigwa was expected to inform key party administrators, including the treasurer, who is responsible for the budget, and the secretary general, who handles administrative matters for all delegate conferences organised by the FDC party.

In Birigwa’s letter dated August 24th, he requested Shs 638.2 million to support his conference scheduled for September 19, 2023, expected to be attended by 1,970, including 1,560 delegates and 410 guests, among others.

Nandala has rejected Birigwa’s pleas after his revelation in the September 2 letter in which he accused Birigwa of announcing an extraordinary meeting without notifying any party organ, including the Secretary-General, who is the principal accounting officer of the party, the party president, and the party treasurer, who is responsible for party finances.

Nandala further revealed that he and the party are only informed of the National Delegates Conference called by Toterebuka, the Chairperson of the FDC Electoral Commission, which was approved by the 16th National Council meeting.

According to Nandala, the approved meeting will lead to the election of the party’s national leadership and is scheduled for October 6, 2023.

The squabbles in the party have continued after the two FDC power centres, including Katonga and Najjanankumbi, declared two upcoming and competing national delegates conferences, where one was called by Birigwa and the other by Toterebuka, the chairperson of the party electoral commission.

Meanwhile, the two conferences have different agendas, making many party supporters divided and confused about which conference is set to be prioritised since both require substantial budgets to accommodate more than 1,700 delegates from various parts of the country.

Birigwa’s extraordinary conference involves receiving reports from the party chairman, party president, secretary general, and treasurer general.

In discrepancy, the second National Delegates Conference aims to elect the leadership of the National Executive Committee, including the party president, deputy presidents, and secretary general.


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