Assured Protection: Lt.Col Katabazi Woos Ugandans In Diaspora To Invest Back Home


The Deputy Director General of the Internal Security Organization (ISO) Lt. Col. Emmy Katabazi has assured Ugandans in the Diaspora of their investments including land bought back home in Uganda.

Katabazi gave the assurance while addressing delegates attending the annual Uganda North American Association (UNAA) convention in Dallas, USA.

This followed concerns raised at the event that their investments back home are squandered, land is being grabbed and they are threatened once they declare their intentions of coming back home.
“I am paid by you people, and I have a whole security apparatus ready to operate. So if somebody scares you, I’m giving you a number; you call, and then we sort ourselves out. If you are so scared to return to your country, I can guarantee we will pick you up from the aircraft, escort you to your home, and then sort out those issues”, Katabazi said.

Most of Ugandans in diaspora have the guts to invest back in their motherland Incase they get assured that property will be secure at all times against land thieves.


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