Police Cautions Parents To Be Vigilant As Children Return To Schools


The police has advised parents to watch out for their children and their change in behavior especially those who commute from home to school and vice versa. This comes as children return to school for their final term of the study year.

This was revealed by SCP Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson, during the weekly security presser on Monday, September 18, 2023, at Naguru Police Headquarters.

According to the police, there has been an increase in crime rates involving school going children including increase in kidnaps, rape cases and drug abuse.

Enanga advised parents not to label children’s uniforms with their full names as this would attract familiarity from wrong doers in the public.

He said that, parents should also teach their children on how to be vigilant especially when they are being followed, adding that, they should be able to report to any nearby police station or adult.

Enanga urged parents to pay attention to the change of behavior of their children as they come back from school. This is because of the high use of dangerous drug substances in youth.

“We need to learn our children’s behavior and watch out for the change of behavior,” The police Spokesperson noted.

“Behaviors like having nick names, getting tattoos, detachment from family members and repeated absenteeism from school are some of the behavior that show that the child is either abusing drugs or has joined a gang.” he added.

The police has also advised schools to beef up their security stating that, these drug dealers have managed to penetrate most schools.

Since Saturday, September 16, 2023, a Senior Two student identified as Christine Esther Mirembe, aged 15 has been missing from her parents’ home in Buloba, located along Mityana Road, and has since not been found.


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