Two Notorious Land Grabbers In Luwero District Remanded

Two people in the Luwero District have been remanded to prison after being accused of taking land by force.

The accused, Baguma Obed and Kakuru James appeared before the Luwero Chief Magistrates Court, on charges of assault, which included causing actual bodily harm to people of Manyama Village, Zirobwe Sub County in Luwero District.

The State House Anti-Corruption Unit collaborated with Uganda Police to apprehend and arraign the two land grabbers, who were working for a famous grabber, Rutangambwa.

“The duo working for notorious land grabber Rutangambwa and others still on the run, have for many years been terrorizing over 3000 residents of Manyama and Budima villages so as to force them off their ancestral land,” the Anti-corruption unit said.

“Runtagambwa has been hiring goons from different parts of the country to commit heinous crimes and excessive violence against the residents,” they added.

The arrest came prior to Minister of Lands Hon. Judith Nabakooba’s visit to the villages, who listened to the concerns of the victims and requested the Corruption Unit to commence investigations into the matter.

Baguma Obed and Kakuru James were remanded until October 25, 2023.


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