Opposition MPs Slam Wasteful Ugandan Delegation To UN Assembly

The members of opposition in Parliament led by the Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs, Muwada Nkunyingi, have protested against the 71 member Delegation of Uganda sent to the 78th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) taking place in New York, calling it is a wastage of tax payers money.

Nkunyingi, on Friday, September 22, 2023, while speaking on the floor of Parliament, protested against the 71 delegation, saying that, it is a wastage of tax payer’s money to have all those members attend the UNGA, which is running for nine days, from September 18-26, 2023.

“All those delegates attending UNGA! It is a wastage of public resources which is insensitive towards taxpayers,” Nkunyingi said.

Nkunyingi presented to the floor of Parliament a list of those in attendance, highlighted some of the spouses to the ministers at the assembly.

He cited the Ministerial Policy statement of 2023/2024, which views financial management practices to assess suitability and progress updates, formulate or update the national standards on financial management and accounting practices, among others.

Nkunyingi noted that, the Uganda mission in New York listed among its achievements, shipping of 25 crates of Uganda waragi to the US. He wondered if the officials went to consume the alcoholic beverage.

However, John Mulimba, the State Minister for Foreign Affairs said that, they appointed those officials on September 14, 2023, as Uganda’s Addendum delegation to the 78th UNGA which is running from September 18-26, 2023.

“We were unable to establish if all obtained visas to the United States and traveled to New York,” Mulimba said.

The UNGA, is one of the UN policies making organs, currently holding its 78th session to consider reports from the other four organs of the UN, assesses the financial situations of member states, and approves the UN budget.


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