ICT Consultant Firms Urge Museveni To Intervene Over Earning From Export Of Special Skills

The ICT consultant firms have petitioned president Museveni for not earning from the export of specialist skills through export service department at all government agencies and ministries.

In a letter written to president Museveni by IT consultancy firm of KAIKA INVEST CO.LTD under the Ref RE: EARNING FROM THE EXPORT OF SPECIALIST SKILLS SERVICES THROUGH EXPORT SERVICES DEPARTMENTS AT WELL PERFORMING GOVERNMENT AGENCIES & MINISTRIES, the IT consultancy firm asked president Museveni to allow it to tap into all these agencies and ministries and create an international (EXPORT) service department which will help these agencies to be contracted to provide services like construction, consultations and advisory services in their respective fields to other countries both on African continent and beyond.

“Your Excellency, in all of these countries, Uganda commands maximum respect and admiration because of good leadership and stewardship you have provided to this country and your unrivalled influence you have had on the world stage will make it easy for the ISDs to seek and win these contracts across many governments,”reads part of the letter. KAIKA INVEST CO.LTD adds that to pilot this government project of engaging in business of exporting specialist services, departments can be created at the named agencies under the guidance of KAIKA INVESTCO LTD a Ugandan owned consulting firm with a wide range of experienced export teams in parternship with CNTiC an experienced Chinese government Agency exporting various services on behalf Chinese government. According to the lead Consultant at KAIKA INVESTCO LTD Justus Mugisha, with the export service department, these agencies will earn a lot of foreign exchange for the country directly and indirectly through the jobs that be created and filled by Ugandans enabling the provision of the specialist services to be exported. Justus Mugisha adds that CNTiC and KAIKA are currently in the process of engaging 18 different countries through their revenue collection agencies like the URA of Uganda to adopt the URA- HUAWEI SMART TRADE SOLUTION.

“This is an A.I enabled solution that was developed by Huawei in china and later teamed up with URA customs’ project’s team to study the solution and tailor it for the local environment and in so doing a lot of changes have been achieved to make the solution so rich, very comprehensive and accommodative to integrate the many advanced solutions already in use at URA,”says Justus Mugisha. “Your Excellency these agencies like URA, UNRA, UETCL and NSSF already have pools of trained staff and consulting firms from which 3 skilled personnel per agency can be drawn for an immediate training and benchmarking program, and with our SMART TRADE SOLUTIONS journey in the 18 countries earmarked to benefit from URA- HUAWEI Smart trade solution,”adds Justus Mugisha.

“Your Excellency, we are seeking your guidance and endorsement that will smoothen way as we engage with teams at the above-mentioned agencies to explore the mentioned opportunity and provide to you a comprehensive report which can be adopted as the working guide for all government INTERNATIONAL SERVICES DEPARTMENTS,” says Justus Mugisha.


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