Jimmy Akena Urges UPC Members To Ignore Supreme Court Ruling,Mobilise For 2026 Elections

Hon. Jimmy Akena of  Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) remains defiant, asserting that they will continue to lead the party despite the recent Supreme Court decision declaring Akena’s presidency null and void.

The Supreme Court ruling on Friday last week annulled the election of Jimmy Akena, saying he has been illegally occupying the position of UPC party president since 2015.

The legal dispute dates back to the 2015 party primaries and district conference elections, during which the late Joseph Bbosa contested Akena’s election, a challenge that eventually led to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling. In a press briefing Monday, October 16, 2023, held at the party’s headquarters in Kampala, Akena said after the Court of Appeal stayed his leadership, he organised another delegates conference where he was re-elected as the party president.

He called upon all UPC members to ignore the ruling and continue with the mobilisation for the upcoming elections, as well as to heighten preparations and mobilisation for the 2026 general election.


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