Museveni Awooma Extra! Mukono Set To Welcome President Museveni

Residents of Mukono are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the President of the Republic of Uganda tomorrow. They have made all necessary preparations to ensure a warm and welcoming reception for the esteemed leader.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be the chief guest at the “Museveni Awooma Extra Concert,” which he recently launched at the Kololo Air Strip in Kampala.

The song “Museveni Awooma” was composed by Nsereko Emma, a well-known musician and supporter of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). Emma is also known by his stage name, MUNNAMASAKA.

President Museveni has not visited the people of Mukono for a significant period, leading to anger among some NRM members who feel neglected and forgotten.

The event will take place at Mukono Boarding Primary School grounds.

Museveni Awooma extra concert Barner

During an interview on Thursday, Nsereko highlighted the purpose of the event, which is to showcase the accomplishments of the NRM Government. The focus will mainly be on its various developmental programs such as PDM, Emyoga, infrastructure projects like roads and electricity, as well as the establishment of hospitals and factories.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Davis Lukyamuzi, stated that the upcoming event in Greater Mukono is anticipated to draw in a large crowd of residents.
“We are going to create time for the citizens to interact freely with their President, so I call upon all who wish to have something to tell the President to come because it is our day to celebrate with him,” Lukyamuzi added.

Nsereko says he decided to start with Mukono on 20. October.2023 at Mukono Boarding Primary School grounds.
“I will be travelling across the country and abroad to sensitize Ugandans about the tangible things President Museveni and the NRM have done to uplift the well-being of Ugandans.

Nsereko emphasized that they will not remain passive when people spread negative information about President Museveni and the NRM Government, both within the country and internationally. He stated that they would take action to counteract these false statements.


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