Buwekula South MP Aspirant, Mubangizi, Earns Master’s Degree in UK

In the vibrant landscape of Uganda’s politics, and as the nation gears up for another election cycle, there has been a debate among the populace on the quality of legislators who are sent to Parliament.

As the debate rages on, it’s been realized that these quiet MPs are devoid of information, while others battle contestation of credentials.

Now Dedan Mubangizi, the fresh contender for Buwekula South, in Mubende District will not be seen anywhere in that mix, he already stepped up his game by consolidating his position with an impressive academic achievement.

Dedan Mubangizi, the fresh contender for Buwekula South

Dedan has since graduated with master’s degree in Businessman Administration, majoring in leadership and sustainability at the University of Cumbria, Carlisle in the United Kingdom.

Dedan was accompanied to UK by his wife
The Buwekula political dynamite was awarded the degree on Thursday in company of his wife.

Dedan, with this formidable academic background, is set to redefine the campaign trail, signaling a commitment to education and a wealth of knowledge to contribute to public service.

Dedan with colleagues in UK

Speaking to this website after attaining this milestone, the shrewd businessman-cum politician said now that he is armed with a robust educational foundation, he aims to elevate the discourse surrounding policy issues and contribute nuanced perspectives in the constituency and in Parliament once he is voted into office.

For, a businessman to spare his precious time to go back to school not only showcases Dedan’s dedication to continuous learning but also positions himself as a candidate with a depth of expertise in areas critical to effective governance.


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