Ugandan Journalist Male Deogratius Regroups With Canada LGBTQ Community


Former Renowned Ugandan journalist Male Deogratius, also known as Omusawo Tintah, is said to have joined the LGBTQ family in Canada where in early May he escaped to seek for asylum following a harrowing attack and subsequent threats.

Early this week Male Deogratius was seen in happy moods being welcomed by a renowned self-confessed lesbian, a former pastor’s wife and a singer in Uganda Julie Mutesasira who also relocated to Canada.

Word has it that Male was officially welcomed to the gay community by Julie Mutesasira. However it is not yet clear whether he only stops at advocating for the LGBTQ rights or he actually practices it.

It should be recalled that Male escaped to Canada after on the night of April 15, 2024, was assaulted by unidentified assailants near his residence on Salama Road, Kubadongo, Makindye Division Council, and Kampala.

Following the attack, Male was promptly taken to Good Samaritan Clinic in Makindye for medical treatment. It came to light that he left Uganda for Canada, fearing for his safety, after receiving warnings from his attackers to cease his advocacy work, particularly regarding human rights and LGBTQ rights on his platform, “”


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