UPC Urges Govt To Prioritize and Allocate Resources For LCs Elections


The Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) has called on the government to prioritize the local government elections and resources should be allocated to that effect.

This comes after a notice from The Uganda Gazette of 2° July 2024, the extension of the term of office of administrative unit councils (LC1 and Il) for another one hundred eighty days (180) starting from 4 July 2024, by the Minister of Local Government following the second extension which is expiring today, 3° July 2024.

While addressing the press, UPC party spokesperson Sharon Ayat Arach revealed that LCl and Il elections were due in July 2023 but this is the third time the government is postponing the elections of this very important structure.This is not any different from the Women’s Councils whose elections are long overdue.

“This is a regrettable experience which undermines the development of our young democracy and a deliberate effort to deny the citizens of Uganda the right to elect their leaders”, she said.

UPC has always noted that there is a lack of goodwill by Government to hold the LC 1 and Il elections as well as women councils.

Arach argued that If the government had the goodwill to conduct these local council elections, it wouldn’t have extended at a time when the budget had just been read.





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