‘We’ve More Important Things To Attend To’- City Traders Boycott Bobi Wine’s Call For Riot

City traders under their umbrella body Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) have warned leader of the National Unity Platform party Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine not to dare stage riots in the city because they are fed up of robbery and hooligan squads who storm business and loot them to zero.

In a statement signed by Thadeus Musoke Keno, the Secretary General of Kacita , the traders unanimously decry the losses they have incured since the outbreak of the Covod-19 lockdown that brought a total lockdown of the economy that lasted a couple of months.

They say, they are still recovering from the losses hence they won’t tolerate Bobi Wine and his crooks’ thuggerism that will definitely render the already bad situation worse.
“As the whole country is aware that traders have just resumed working following the Covid-19 lockdown which almost lasted for a year and greatly affected our livelihood, we are greatly concerned that the planned protests will destroy our recovering businesses,” the traders said.
“It is in this regard that we demand the leadership of the National Unity Platform to reconsider their plan and look for other means of settling their political issues other than opting to destroy our livelihood.”

The traders concern follows Bobi Wine’s call to Ugandans to carry out ‘peaceful demonstrations’ to show discontent of the January 14 presidential election outcome where Bibi Wine has adamantly refused to concede that he miserably lost the election.

Where as Bobi Wine and his self centred ilk have called unto Ugandans to riot and consequentially destroy property worth millions, the traders have vehemently rejected his infamous call.

The irony is Bobi Wine and his family continue to live lavish styles, as he still receives salary from Parliament as well as garnering funds from the Western communities who he believes will help him cause insurrection in the country hence over throw a democratically elected government.

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