Speke Resort & Munyonyo Commonwealth; Can Be Your Finest Scientific Wedding Destination

Planning your beautiful scientific wedding reception can take a lot of effort especially in this Covid-19 era.

It all begins with deciding on the location of the reception that follows Government Covid-19 SoPs and the type of reception but worry not, Speke Resort Munyonyo and Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort have got you covered.

Garden and indoor wedding receptions begin with Speke Resort and Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort’s spectacular setting, unparalleled service and cuisine that are the ideal ingredients for a magical storybook wedding.

The resorts offer a choice of elegant rooms and beautiful outdoor locations that will provide the perfect setting for your wedding activities. Create the reception of your dreams with the assistance of experienced special event professionals.

Come and have your scientific party in such a conducive place

The stand-alone social event centres host more than 300 guaranteed guests with menu, indoor venue and services at a pocket friendly fee.

For indoor wedding receptions, the resorts have got a variety of spectacular ballrooms with a state of the art complimentary; such as lights, two LCD projectors, wooden dance floor, A/C, platform for High Table, banqueting chairs among others.

The ballrooms include Victoria, Speke and Commonwealth Banqueting Hall.

On the other hand, for outdoor receptions, guests have a lot of spots to choose from such as Lakeside, Flag Mast, Mango Garden, Speke Resort Poolside and Commonwealth Poolside, Marina Garden and Peace Hub Garden.

You will enjoy your first day on this lake side bed..

When it comes to food and beverages, the resorts have Marina restaurant which provides all kinds of buffets as well as drinks of your choice at an affordable price.

The resorts also offer accommodation services for the newly wedded couple and their guests.

Feel free to passby Munyonyo Commonwealth Speke Resort this week.

For reservations, Please Call +256752711026 or +256414227111 

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