We Are Designed To Guarantee Safety And Safety Of Pupils – Kampala Parents’ School

The physical environment of school buildings and school grounds is a key factor in the overall health and safety of students, staff, and visitors, educationists at Kampala Parents’ School have acknowledged.

“At Kampala Parents’ School, our buildings and grounds are designed to maintain health and safety hazards and also promote learning. We believe that learner’s achievements can be affected either positively or negatively by the school environment, the school principal Daphne Kato said.

She added that “policies and protocols are in place to ensure food protection, sanitation, safe water supply, healthy air quality, good lighting, safe playgrounds, violence prevention, and emergency response, among other issues that relate to the physical environment of schools.”

To help pupils bond with school and be receptive to learning, school faculties need to take time to understand the disconnections pupils experience during the school day. “By talking with learners about how they experience the school, our teachers can work to address problems that might interfere with pupils’ willingness to come to school.”

Kampala Parents’ Pupils at school during the recently concluded PLE exams

“In addition, our teachers discuss how school and classroom practices limit students’ social integration. However, we ensure a flexible schedule that allows pupils to move into grade-level classes when they are academically prepared for grade-level work.”

Kampala Parents’ School is currently recruiting new pupils for the next academic year. They admit children from the age of two and a half to twelve years of age.

Applicants should have birth certificates and valid report cards from their former school.

The principal says the school philosophy is to provide children with the best possible all-round education in a safe caring and loving environment. “We aim to create a culture where thinking and learning flourish. We hope to lay good foundations for future learning so that our children can become full and active members of society.”

The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum which takes into account children’s interests. “We use the National Curriculum to structure the content of what is taught and we enrich pupil’s learning experiences by providing access to stimulating resources and valuable workshops, assemblies and extracurricular clubs and trips.

“Teaching staff have access to high quality training opportunities which place quality first teaching at the core of everything we do. Pupils are regularly assessed and feedback provided to parents informally on a daily basis and during the PTA meetings and class days throughout the course of the year.”

An essential aspect of early learning is the use of play to teach children about the world and to achieve this, Kampala Parents’ School has employed digital learning. Digital learning allows children to expand their mind by encouraging exploration through technology. Desktop games, such as Millie’s Math House, can teach about shapes, sorting and classification, while Kid Pix can teach them to paint just like Picasso.

“At Kampala Parents’ School, we believe that since classrooms are leaning towards the integration of technological learning, exposing pupils to electronic readers helps to develop a stronger relationship with books.” she said.

She added that they make the difficult easy, through hard work and learning!

To enroll with Kampala Parents School, reach them on +256 752 711 792 or visit their website at  www.kampalaparents.com


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