Goldstar Insurance: Scaling New Heights with AA Credit Rating from GCR

One of Uganda’s oldest Insurance Company; Goldstar Insurance Company Ltd, is on the ascent as it proudly secures an impressive AA credit rating from the esteemed Global Credit Rating (GCR).

This milestone underscores the company’s unyielding commitment to excellence and its solid standing within the insurance sector. The two-level elevation in its credit rating is a testament to Goldstar’s significant improvements in management and governance, fortifying its financial foundation.

The achievement of the AA credit rating reflects Goldstar’s commitment to financial prudence and customer satisfaction. The rating is a clear indicator of the company’s reliability and its ability to fulfill commitments to policyholders.

In the wake of this achievement, Enock Mudadi, Goldstar’s Chief Operations Officer, emphasizes the company’s dedication to providing services that meet global standards. Mudadi notes that their client base extends beyond local borders, encompassing multinational corporations and regional firms operating in Uganda.

Goldstar Insurance Company’s future prospects appear brighter than ever as it continues to build on this strong foundation, reaffirming its position as a prominent player in the insurance industry.

Left to right, Mr Jay Sakaria, Asibat Mwambu and Enock Mudadi addressing the press.

What Ranks Goldstar The Best?

Goldstar is one of the leading Insurance Companies in Uganda that provides all types of General Insurance services to industrial, commercial, professional firms, Government institutions, individuals and other enterprises throughout Uganda.

The Company is built on four pillars including; Strong and solid financial base, Sound reinsurance support and backing, Prudent underwriting, and Professional experienced skilled staff

”With strong local and international experience and insight, highly skilled management team and courteous staff, we remain one of the most preferred insurers in the country today,” says the Company adding, ”We have not only offered risk aversion solutions to our clients but also in times of loss, offered timely compensation to keep them going because our ambition is to be a respected insurer with a diverse portfolio by product and geography. We believe that building a balance between different risks gives us opportunities for profitable growth throughout the insurance cycle.”
The Company is located on Plot 38 Kampala Road, Crane Chambers. In case of inquiries, feel free to call them via +256 41 4250110 or

More information about Goldstar can be found on their website here


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