Ugandan ToP Activist Phillip Smoked Out In USA

Local political opponents of renowned U.S based Nkubakyeeyo Phillip Ssekiziyivu alias Phillo have a reason to celebrate.

He was recently smoked out at a Pre-valentine Queer Party at Sinclair in Boston, an event associated with homos. He wasn’t alone, but in company of a Queer partner at a Gay Bash’d event.

But with Mps’ renewed stance against Homosexuality in the country, people like Phillo will have no place.

His opponents are now in celebratory mood given that he has even been planning a political back and his Queer partner as a potential funder whom he was ready to jet with in the country and hit the campaign road running.

One of his relatives who claimed to be a cousin (name withheld) informed us that Phillo’s family has done its best to ensure that he got married to the extent of getting him wives in America but Phillo has always been elusive on that topic.

The cousin also informed us that they were not surprised to find out that Phillo hangs out with a Queer and this justified why he has always misbehaved and been dumped by his straight partners.

His political opponents aver that having such a leader in an anti-gay community like Uganda is controversial and can be misleading especially during this time when Ugandans are so focused on the struggle to fight against homosexuality in schools and the public at large.

On Tuesday, parliament granted Asuman Basalirwa (Bugiri Municipality) leave to table again Anti-Homosexuality Bill, further fueling the already tense atmosphere of homophobia in Uganda.

Taking to the floor of Parliament, Basalirwa defended his proposed legislation on grounds that although the law on Anti-Homosexuality isn’t new in Uganda, having first been introduced in the colonial era lid the Penal Code Act, the latest proposed legislation is intended to cater for the current circumstances including; recruitment, promotion and funding so as to make the old law in tandem with current circumstances.


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